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NEW for 2020, the SlingWing is part windsurfing, part
kiteboarding and part flying, each broken down to their
most basic form. When you combine it with a foil, you get
an entirely new sport that simplifies the experience and
gear you need to fly across the water powered by the wind.
If you’re new to windsports, the SlingWing is easier, safer
and more user-friendly than any of its predecessors, and if
you’re an experienced wind junkie, it’s a fun and simplistic
style of riding you’ll enjoy instantly.
The SlingWing is a light weight inflatable wing that has a
rigid frame when pumped up and can be packed in a small
bag when deflated. No harness, control bar, lines, mast,
boom or battens needed. It’s designed to be used with a foil
or paddle board with enough volume for the rider to stand
on and can also be used with snow sports or skating.