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4' 8"   (Due in early December)

The Cobra Cat XR is a classic surf shape design for all those Slater types looking to carve hard and deep for a completely agile wave-shaving performance. The pulled in tail allows surfers to turn tighter in the pocket and flow from rail to rail without interruption. The Cobra Cat features a thruster FCS II fin configuration, making customization a possibility in a matter of seconds. Looking for a loose and playful release off the top? Run the twin fin setup … Want more drive off the lip and more stability for beginners? Run it as a thruster.

Package Includes: 2020 Cobra Cat XR, 3 x 3.9" FCSII Tri-Fin Set Up 

WHY YOU'LL LOVE THE COBRA CAT XR: A classic shape everyone on the boat will enjoy. It’s agile and snappy and has plenty of speed for tossing the rope and surfing behind most decent waves.