H3 Front Foil Wing

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• Upgrade high-performance Hover Glide wing 
• Faster, higher-aspect wing for more advanced riding 
• Customize your ride, cross over to other sports 
• Sturdy pre-preg carbon construction 
• One of five wings in the Hover Glide’s Modular System 

Details: The H3 wing is designed for high-speed, high-performance foiling. This is a great option for riders who progress beyond the limits of the stock H5 wing, or for riders who frequent high-wind locations and want a wing that’s a better match for the conditions. As part of Slingshot’s Modular System, the H3 wing is compatible with any Hover Glide foil setup and can be changed out in a couple minutes. 

For kite: Faster and higher-aspect than the stock Hover Glide H5 wing. Designed for more advanced riders or for foiling in stronger winds. A great upgrade for Hover Glide H5 owners who want an change of pace. 

For windsurf: Higher aspect means higher speeds and higher performance than the stock H2 wind foil wing. This is a great option for light weight wind foilers, for those who favor speed and long-distance cruising or those who frequent high wind locations where a larger foil isn’t necessary. 

For surf: The H3 wing is a great option for tow-in surfing long rolling swell before it breaks. Its higher top-end speed is a big help in keeping up with swell and running down faces at speed without worrying quite so much about over foiling and breaching.