2020 DWARF CRAFT 4'6"

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(Due in early December)

A versatile, all-ability board with enough length and volume to help new foilers learn and progress and enough high-performance features for intermediate to advanced riders looking for a solid freeride board they can use in all conditions. 

Package Includes: Dwarf Craft 4’6” Board, foil pedestal mounting hardware 

MORE ABOUT THE DWARF CRAFT 4'6": A versatile size and shape that’s friendly enough to learn on but progressive enough that you don’t have to worry about outgrowing once you’re past the beginner phase. The Dwarf Craft 4’6” is light and agile, with the beveled bottom of a more advanced board, the volume and front-end rocker of a user-friendly setup and a concave deck that helps you know where your feet are at all times. 

WHY YOU'LL LOVE THE DWARF CRAFT 4'6" : This is a comfortable, all-around foil board that just about anyone can hop on and immediately feel at home.